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Welcome to Double Take Productions!


    For retailers to survive in today’s business climate, they must learn to skillfully balance their inventory, their customer’s wants and their supply methods. This juggling act can often be difficult to accomplish especially when it comes to your book needs. A book is one of the hobbyists’ best tools. It can often jump start a modeling project or provide and encourage an increase in prototype research. As a retailer, this will directly relate to a potential sales increase for all aspects of your business.


    With so many titles on the market today, it is almost impossible for anyone to carry the full line from all publishers and that is where Double Take Productions can help. Since January of 2008, DTP has become one of the leading forces in the distribution of railroad hobby books. We can supply many of the most popular lines and titles in fast, convenient, one stop shopping. Did we mention our product lines carry a 40% discount and we have no minimums? Please take a moment and check the wide selection of titles we offer and our business terms and conditions. We are certain that they will find favor with you.


Thanks for your time and consideration!


Title Photo:
NS 65K, led by "PRR" 8102, prepared to exit the Garden State Secondary (former CNJ Perth Amboy Branch) and enter the Port Reading Secondary (former Reading Port Reading Branch) on September 23, 2015 at 11:32 AM. The loaded consist had arrived 24 hours earlier, was spotted, emptied and readied for its return to the midwest for refilling. 
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